PS did you know about this tea because it’s amazing.

PS did you know about this tea because it’s amazing.

On day 4 of my fast.

Haven’t eaten anything except diet coke, coffee, water, and tea in 89 hours.  10 days to go.

Modified fasting.

one day water fasting

one day juice fasting


walk 5 miles every day

fuck I would kill for some spaghetti right now

Fasting day 2 is done.

I have some probably non related lower back pain that sucks but besides that I feel great.  I think I just need to drink more water.  I’m not weighing myself until day 10.

Anonymous said: oh thanks! how often did you take it?

I just take one every morning.  I’ve read online that eventually you will get used to it and will need more but I figure once I reach that point I’ll just stop taking it and suck it up.

Posted 2 years ago

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Hi there. My name is Jenna.
I am 19, and this is my thinspo blog.
Struggling with EDs my whole life has gotten me obsessed wtih my weight, and thinspo. You guys know how it is. I need to lose like 30 pounds for me to be happy. I hope we can talk. We don't gotta talk thinspo. I like books, especially Chuck Palahniuk and Oscar Wilde. I also like hiking, game shows, Ken Jennings, and Chris Mintz-Plasse. I want to be an author.

I know a lot about many diets because I have (successfully and unsuccessfully) tried A LOT. So I will be happy to tell you about any of them if you ask. To name a few that I have done: ABC, HCG, mastercleanse, juice fast, eat clean, skinny bitch, LIPO 6, flat belly, QuikTrim, and many many more.

I am always here to talk.

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